Your church, full of life, moving your mission forward for Christ.

At the Essenmacher Group, that is our passion.

Your situation is unique, so our solutions are designed for you.

We offer:

micro-consultations for single-issue concerns

specialized team workshops to get you past hurdles

one-on-one coaching for implementation

cohort call groups with other leaders like you

secret shopper services

traditional on-site consultations


Short-term micro-consultations focus on one specific area to address particular concerns. Many times, micro-consultations are done remotely and are highly focused. Micro-consultations range from a single online meeting to a series of meetings. The focused scope is what makes them “micro”.

Examples of previous micro-consultations include restructuring of a budget mid-year, reorganization for better job fit among staff, transition support of database changes. We can also help you address unique and confidential circumstances.

Specialized Team Workshops

Your team may be facing a unique challenge that requires an outside facilitator to walk you through steps to a solution you design. The benefit to a team workshop is that everyone weighs in to come to a solution that works from everyone’s perspective.

Some examples of team workshops are designing a volunteer pipeline, creating a mission statement, mapping goals to achieve the vision, or any other specialized team challenge.

One-on-one Coaching

Implementation of change in any situation requires support, problem solving, and encouragement for the change leader. Our one-on-one coaching supports you as you put your solutions into play. Frustrations, setbacks, and successes are shared with your coach, giving you the support you need to carry out your plan.

One-on-one coaching is typically geared towards the implementation of the plans that were identified in a micro-consultation or conventional consultation. This allows for accountability and support as you move forward in your church’s mission.

Cohort Call Groups

Church leaders today do not simply need prepackaged advice on how to run their church. They need communities of other church leaders to run the race with. Cohort call groups are communities of people like you working to make their churches places full of life. Monthly one-hour online video calls with your cohort serve as a mutual support for all members.

Cohort call groups provide an opportunity for church leaders to get ideas, positive encouragement, and challenges from other leaders who are experiencing similar situations throughout the implementation of their plans.

Secret Shoppers

A secret shopper is an undercover guest at your church that reports back to help you see your church from an outsider’s perspective. For churches that are looking to improve their outreach or fine-tune their welcome, a secret shopper’s viewpoint can help you see things in a new light.

The secret shopper is a valuable tool to allow a fresh set of eyes to view what you’ve been working on, whether at the beginning of a consultation or as an evaluation tool once you have implemented your solutions.

Traditional Consultations

Finally, traditional onsite consultations are still an incredibly valuable tool in the implementation of change. An onsite consultation is when a consultant is brought to the church for a specific number of days (typically 3-4) to assess the current situation, hear from congregants, review documents and make a plan of action.

Onsite consultations offer a comprehensive review of the church. Through interviews, observations, and discussions, the consultant looks for areas of improvement and makes a plan to move the church forward. Reporting is made to senior leadership at the end of a traditional on-site consultation.

At The Essenmacher Group we understand how hard you work to be the hands and feet of Jesus in your community. We are here to support you in that mission. Whether it’s a micro-consultation, one-on-one coaching, a cohort call group, secret shopper services, or an onsite consultation, we’re here to help you move your mission forward.

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Our Consultants

Amanda Essenmacher, MEd, CCC

Amanda is a Certified Church Consultant specializing in church revitalization. She currently serves on the executive team at Grace Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has experience leading in churches, Christian schools, and parachurch organizations.

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